I-Trac Security platform

People Recognition & Tracking (PRT)

Physical security.

Workforce management


Intruder Detection with facial recognition, workforce management,

Visitors, customers, people counting, exit/entrance monitoring, dwell time, heat mapping, real-time performance of the highest precision.

PRT Unique and unprecedented sensor fusion between camera-based FR and LiDAR-based person tracking allows for wanted person to be identified, alerted on and tracked wherever they go within the covered area no matter how large the area is. Ideal for Airports, Government and military sites, Oil & gas facilities, and all vital structures, indoor and outdoor. (U.S. patent pending)

It’s the only solution to track persons remotely. (accompanying picture shows  “intruders captured image matched with database blacklist, alerts fired, and individual track line with distinct color created for each. In addition to counting and traffic density screens).