The smart Police patrol – P3

Plug & Play Patrol

Traffic enforcement.

This solution transforms a Police Patrol vehicle into an intelligent patrol with complete situational awareness. It performs the following services:

Speed Enforcement. Utilizing LiDAR sensors calibrated with cameras, it detects, tracks and measures with high precision the speed of surrounding vehicles on the road, in full motion up to 6 fractions of km/hr. (U.S. patent pending)

P3 is short for Plug & Play Patrol for how easy it is for Police officers to operate.

Tailgating violation detection, detects with high precision tailgating drivers, with the use of LiDAR sensors.

Distracted Driver Detection, detects drivers who are distracted on a cell phone and/or texting. (U.S. patent pending)

Seat Belt Violation Detection, detects drivers who are not wearing seat belts.