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Can AI Save Lives?

With around 1.5 million cases reported annually, the number of lives lost in traffic collisions remains high, according to the World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015. The report found that traffic collisions cost most countries around three percent of their GDP. Adding to these concerns is the fact that only 38% […]

IoT and the Sixth Sense

Our senses enable us to experience and learn from a variety of stimuli in our surroundings. We use our senses to avoid danger as well as to observe, study and make sense of ourselves and our environment. We experience the pleasures of the world through taste, smell, sound, sight and touch.Those who are able to […]

IoT and Job Security: To Fear or To Embrace IoT Innovation?

Excitement for the explosive growth currently underway in the IoT market is accompanied by a silent yet brewing concern over job security. Cisco predicts a $19 trillion IoT market with 50 billion connected objects by 2022 As IoT technology is increasingly being adopted across professional fields, governments, municipalities and large and small enterprises view the […]